There is no better way to view the majestic Abu Dhabi Skyline than the Abu Dhabi Yellow Boat 60 Minute Tour. The Yellow Boat Tour is the mostinvigorating and thrillingexperience of speeding through the Arabian Sea and watching the high-rise buildings. Listen to the thrashing sound of waves of the Arabian Sea hitting your boat and witness them crashing at the shore. View the grand vistas at the Abu Dhabi shore standing in glory from the front seats of a luxurious boat. Experience the thrilling 60 minutes of your life and view thepromenade of Abu Dhabi Corniche, taking in its unbelievable skyline.

Why Abu Dhabi Yellow Boat 60 Minutes Tour?

Visiting Abu Dhabi and missing out on the Yellow Boat 60 Minutes Tour is not what you would want to do. Plan the most adventurous exploratory boat ride for yourself and your family with us. Enjoy the sea waves crashing and kissing the shoreline in Abu Dhabi. Pausing at the famous villages, the Yellow Boat Tour keeps you enthralled for 60 minutes and lets you take fond memories home with you.

Corniche It is not every day that you get to view the wondrous Abu Dhabi skyline spread across the Corniche. Cruise along the Corniche and soak in the beauty of the Arabian Sea.
Fisherman’s Village Get the real feel of the Arab tradition and pause to experience the sight of a traditional fisherman village. Witness the combination of the simplicity of the village life and the that of a cosmopolitan city
Full Guided Tour Do not miss out on knowing anything on your 60 minutes tour. The tour is fully guided

Features of the Abu Dhabi Yellow Boat 60 Minutes Tour

The 60 minutes Yellow Boat Tour of Abu Dhabi along the beautiful shore of the Arabian Sea is the most alluring ride that you will experience in Abu Dhabi. Witness the grandiose of the Abu Dhabi Skyline while cruising through the water and enjoying a delicious snack. The Yellow Boat 60 Minutes Tour of Abu Dhabi includes:

  • Fully equipped boat
  • 60 minutes of guided tour in English
  • Pausing at the Fisherman’s Village
  • Cruising along the Corniche
  • Sightseeing magnificent vistas
  • Witnessing Emirates Palace
  • Ferrari World


The 60 Minutes Yellow Boat Tour of Abu Dhabi is planned to pump up the thrill and adventurous soul in you. Leave the worries to us as we maintain the highest level of safety checks and emergency training for our crew. The guide on board is really helpful and well-informed. The guide points you out the sights worth seeing. Food provided on the boat is handpicked by best chefs. Enjoy the majestic and grand vistas situated at the shore from the comfort of your plush front row seats. Laze around in the sun and look up at the glorious blue sky meeting the sea at the beautiful horizon. Sipping your favorite drink witness the grand city built around the Arabian Sea.

Abu Dhabi Yellow Boat 60 Minutes Tour Deal

The deal offers you 60 unforgettable minutes of your life and the most thrillingboat ride. Enjoy our offered features with your friends and family and turn their tour into a tremendousexperience. The deal also offers you exclusive chances of taking photographs of the splendid Abu Dhabi Skyline.

60 minutes guided tour Do not miss out on the sights you see. Get to know everything about the vistas you cruise through
Exclusive Photography Capture the essence of Corniche in your camera and savor the memories forever
Refreshments Enjoy a handpicked menu of snacks while sightseeing

Cost of Abu Dhabi Yellow Boat 60 Minutes Tour (Per Person)

You can enjoy all the features of the Yellow Boat Tour of Abu Dhabi for 60 minutes in just 200 AED. The cost of the package is inclusive of all the taxes and you do not have to pay anything extra.
Book the deal for your friends or family and experience the thrill of cruising through the thrashing waves of Arabian Sea, and along the grand skyline of Abu Dhabi, the Corniche, and the striking vistas sitting at the shore. This price of the Yellow Boat Abu Dhabi Tour is the most reasonable as it is upfront and includes all the features that are promised.

Abu Dhabi Yellow Boat 60 Minute Tour Summary

Tour Type Guided
Tour Duration 60 Minutes
Availability of Tour Anytime Daily
Refreshment Snack included in the deal


The Yellow Boat 60 minutestour of Abu Dhabi is safe for children and adults alike. However, precautions should be taken when on board with children, elderly, and ladies who are expecting.  People having the problem of seasicknessare advised not to book this tour.


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