Al Ain city tour will provide you the exposure of amazing forts, museums, and other tourist places at cheaper rates. The tour of Al Ain city will provide you the interaction with adventure, nature, and history at thesame time. The tour will assist you to collect the memories that you will never forget in your life. Al Ain city tour is the best option for people who want to experience the city’s landscape in a single day. You will get a magnificent experience of the cultural heritage of old and modern Emirates in the tour.

Why Al Ain City Tour?

Al Aincity tour will take you to the places that will make you amazed and excited.  In addition to it, the tour will assist you to experience the archaeological parks and sites, palaces, zoo etc. You will be able to see the instrumental formation of the city and UAE. The information of some fascinating places of the city provides below so you can decide that why AlAin city tour is good for you.

Al Ain National Museum A museum is a great place of information about the history of ancient times. It has three different sections that are Ethnography, Archeology, and Gift sections.
Al Jahili Fort The Al Jahili Fort is agiant structure with the beautiful landscape and fascinating palm trees. It resembles like a huge sand castle and makes the tourists addicted towards it.
HiliArcheological Park The HiliArcheologicalpark’s visit will take you back to the bronze and stone age. The place is one of the most visited places of Al Ain. Several findings of the park are thousands year old.
Camel Souk The Camel Souk is one of the biggest camel markets in the world. The place will provide you the opportunity to observe the traditional Arabian camels.

Creatures of the Al Ain City

During the tour, we will also take you to the world’s famous Al Ain Zoo that will provide you the exposure of some rare creatures and their species. Names of some creatures are:

  • Arabian Leopard
  • Egyptian Goose
  • Nubian Giraffe
  • HamadryasBaboon
  • Indian Peafowl
  • Black Swan
  • Marabou Stork
  • East African Oryx
  • White Stork
  • Arabian Antelopes
  • Taurotragus


The Al Ain city tour will provide you the awareness about the great environment of the city. You will see the both old and modern landscape of the Al Ain city. The city has something for everyone and provides a great travel experience to all of its tourists regardless of their age. During the tour, we will provide you the food that will be 100% safe and hygienic. In addition to it, we will also pick you from your location and later drop you after the completion of thetour. We suggest you do the tour with your friends and family to make your visit more fantastic and memorable.

Al Ain City Tour Deal

For the convenience and benefit of our customers, we designed a deal that will provide you our all premium travel services and facilities in your budget. The specific features of Al Ain city tour are also provided below.

Adult 1 Person
Vehicle Type 4 x 4 Land Cruiser
Visit of Al Ain National Museum 90 Minutes
Visit of Al Jahili Fort 90 Minutes
Visit of Hili Archeological Park 90 Minutes
Visit of Camel Souk 90 Minutes
Visit of Al Ain Zoo 90 Minutes
Refreshments Arabic dates, juice, coffee

Cost of Al Ain City Tour (Per Person)

We always offer high-quality services and packages to our customers at cheapest rates. We follow the price guidelines of Tourism Department and our rates are much lower than the other tour operators. However, you just have to spend the AED 300 to experience the Al Ain city tour. The price includes all taxes and we will not take any additional hidden charges from our customers. In addition to it, the lunch and refreshment are also included in the package without any extra cost.

Al Ain City Tour Summary

Tour Type Guided
Tour Duration 8 Hours
Pick Up Time 9 AM
Drop Off Time 5 PM
Total Cost Per Person AED 300
Vehicle Type 4 x 4 Land Cruiser
Refreshments Free


Your safety is our top most priority and we take all safety measures to keep you safe from accidents or injuries. Our professional team is capable of providing you rapid first aid services in case of any medical emergency. We request you to follow the guidelines and instructions of our team members. You must tie your seat belts whether you are off or on road. We suggest youavoiding the tour if you are pregnant or have any severe medical problem.


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