Bollywood theme park opened its gates in Dubai with the humongous fanfare and thrill. The Bollywood Theme Park is the magical ride into the enchanted world of Bollywood blockbusters and smash hits. Take a peek into the making of your most favorite Bollywood sensational movies and dance to the catchy beats of your favorite Salman Khan’s songs. The Bollywood Theme Park also provides a cricket ground that is themed around the set of the famous blockbuster, Lagaan. Have the mostluxuriousexperience of fine dining in momentous Mughal-e-Azam restaurant. The Bollywood Theme Park also has vast gardens and lands recreating the sets from famous movies along with the simulating gun ride that is a hunt for Gabbar as depicted in Sholay.

Why Bollywood Theme Park?

Bollywood industry has produced a large number of blockbusters movies that we all have watched in our childhoods. The Bollywood Theme Park lets you experience those movies in real life. Who would not want to move to the famous songs from Dabang and imitate the moves by the great Salman Khan on the very set that he performed on? Experience the thrill of winning the legendary match between the Amir Khan’s team against the British Raj.

Bollywood Boulevard Walk alongside the beautiful sets of the blockbuster Bollywood movies and buy refreshments from the shops in Mumbai Chowk
RajMahal Theatre The elegance of RajMahal and the ambiance of the historic building engulfs you in admiration as you prepare to watch a hit Bollywood movie
Mughal-e-Azam Fine Dining Revive the Mughal era and this time, experience it yourself while you have the most delectable cuisine of your life from a 5-star menu

Tour Inclusions

The following features of the Bollywood Theme Park make it more irresistible to visit. The Bollywood Theme Park is built on a vast land at the prime location in Dubai. It is not a thing to miss when you are on your UAE trip as it gives you the once in a lifetime experience of the following exclusive features:

  • Stunt Show
  • Rustic Ravines
  • Royal plaza.
  • Bollywood Boulevard
  • 4D multisensory virtual ride.
  • Crossroads.
  • Mumbai Express.
  • Cinema Circle.
  • Rock On Themed Restaurant.
  • Mughal-e-Azam fine dining
    RajMahal Theatre


Bollywood Theme Park has an eccentric environment filled with spectacular sets from Bollywood hit movies. The Bollywood Boulevard is lined with shops and little stalls resembling the real India. The 4D motion and simulation rides are completely safe and secure built for ultimate fun and thrill, imported right from the Bollywood headquarters in India. All the workers and staff of the Bollywood Theme Park are extremely helpful and efficient. Get bands for all the members visiting the park at the entrance and keep track of your children and family. Shop around hassle free with your loved ones.

Bollywood Theme Park Deal

The Bollywood Theme deal is an exclusive fun-filled with the most exhilarating and memorable rides and theme spots. The Bollywood Theme Park deal lets you collect and buy souvenirs and eat from your favorite movie restaurant. The deal includes photography sessions at the famous rides and spots.

Fine Dining Most delectable 5-star menu dinner at the exotic set of Mughal-e-Azam
Shopping Souvenirs’ shops
Bollywood Boulevard 25 Minutes
Photography Unlimited
Theatre 40 Minutes

Cost of Bollywood Theme Park (Per Person)

The Bollywood Theme Park brings you all the glory and thrill of the Bollywood movies and the famous superstars in just 300 AED. The Bollywood Theme Park is all that you need if you are crazy about the King Khans and the rest of the superstardombelonging to Bollywood. The Theme Park is perfect excursion for friends and family.Spend a day at the most real-to-life Bollywood movies set as seen in your favorite blockbuster. The price of this Bollywood Theme Park deal is inclusive of all the taxes and there are no hidden or extra charges.

Tour Type Family excursion
Tour Duration 4 Hours
Availability of Tour Anytime of the day
Pick Time 30 minutes before entrance
Drop Time 30 minutes after completion of tour
Refreshment Free


The Bollywood Theme Park is a must visit place in Dubai. Take your children, friends or family to the Bollywood Theme Park because it has the safest of the rides. Care, however, is recommended for elderly and expecting ladies in high simulation rides and along walk. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed without an adult supervising them. The walk on the Bollywood Boulevard is crowded, that is why it is recommended that children are kept close by and are supervised by adults.


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