One of themost exotic experiences when visiting Dubai is the Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour. If you are in Dubai, and you have visited amazing places, dined at the most desirable shops and not been on a Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour, then you might want to plan your holidays again. Sailing by the most luxurious of the beaches, the Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour takes you deep sea fishing in the most lucrative fishing deals. The boats and the modern fishing equipment make Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour the best fishing experience of your lifetime. You have the Burj Al Arab on one side while you target the deep sea with the best fishermen on board.

Why Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour?

Fishing is an enthralling experience. You go hands on with the splendid sea and go deep into its heart to catch fish. It is one of the must-do activities when in Dubai. The Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour is filled with moments when you learn, experience an adrenaline rush and then finish at the shore filled with achievement. The following fishing tour activities will make you ask. “Why not Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour”:

Sonar Systems The latest technology of Sonar Systems used in the Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour
Navigation by GPS Worried that you might lose your way back to the shore? NEVER! Now with the GPS, put your mind at ease and enjoy the lovely adventures of the Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tours in Dubai
Trolling Experience bold and daring ways to catch a fish while fishing in a yacht in Dubai.

Features of the Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour

Fishing in the deep blue sea is an alluring experience that you would love to share with your friends and loved ones. The Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour in Dubai offers you some of its excellentfeaturesin the fishing tour deal. The highlights of the fishing tour include:

  • Fully equipped boats
  • Sonar Systems and GPS
  • Dolphin Super Deluxe Ship
  • Latest fishing equipment
  • Trolling
  • Shower area
  • Refreshments


The environment of the sea is unpredictable but theenvironment of the fishing boat is in our hands and we would never let you down. The environment at our fishing tour in Dubai is incredible. The trained staff on the fishing boat helps you in all the possible ways that they can. The maintenance of the boat on the fishing trip is remarkable. The rental service listens to you and deals with you in a way which leaves you complacent. The tour has ample supply of soda and refreshments that are healthy and tastes amazing. The trained fishermen on board with you help you avail all the features of the fishing trip, such as trolling and deep fishing. Take your families or plan a trip with buddies, the Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour lets you take homethe memoriesthat remain forever. The fishing boat is completely safe for family fishingexpeditions.

Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour Deal

The deal for Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour in Dubaithat we provide is the best fishing deals offered in the city. It comes at a reasonable but cheap price as compared to others with perfection guaranteed. The payment is upfront with no extra hidden charges.

Adult 1 Person
Boat Type Yacht and Dolphin Super Deluxe
Trip Duration 2 hours
Trolling Enjoy the various ways of fishing in the Deep Sea
Refreshments scrumptious refreshment treats and drinks of your choice

Cost of Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour (Per Person)

In just 500 AED, you get to experience the most adventurous and fun-filled Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour in Dubai. The tour price includes all the necessities and amenities highlighted. The trip is safe and sound having the latest of the fishing technologies and the skilled fishermen on board. All the fishing crew on this fishing tour is licensed and by the authorities. Get the most of what you have imagined and expected.

Deep Blue Sea Fishing Tour Summary

Tour Type Guided
Tour Duration 2 Hours
Availability of Tour 24 hours
Shade and Shower Area For you to rest while fishing, the fishing tour pampers you with state-of-the-art shower areas and shady decks to enjoy your favoritebeverage


Having skilled and trained fishing crew on board may lessen the chance of any glitches, but precautionshave to be taken by the people who are vulnerable to the sea and experience motion or sea sickness. Those people are advised not to go for this fishing tour. We provide you the life jackets, as your safety is our concern!


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