Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals are the best to treat your loved ones with a little surprise on their special day. Make your birthday party the most memorable with the Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals. What can be better than celebrating a wondrous day sailing on the luxurious Dhow cruise, a reflection of Arab’s traditional boat, passing along the mostbeautifulseashore with glorious skylines? Surprise your loved ones with this incredible birthday idea, and turn their birthday party on a lavish yacht birthday as seen in the movies. Cruise along the Dubai’s most breathtaking view from the Dhow cruise and be the best host ever.

Why Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals?

Soothing music, delicious cruise birthday dinner, and the perfect rhythmic movements of the gently rockingboat make your birthday ideal and cherished. Treat your guests with the perfect scenery of Dubai and make your birthday celebrations grand. Who would not want a birthday dinner celebrated in the most fashionable way like a celebrity?

Air Conditioned Dhow Cruise Do not let the heat keep you away from planning the most pleasurable birthday celebrations. The Dhow Cruise has an air conditioned lower deck ideal for summer parties
Open Deck Be adventurous enough and turn your birthday into one of the most exotic yacht parties by decorating the open deck of the Dhow Cruise .
Customized Cake and Dinner Get everythingaccording to your taste and order your favorite cake and dinner for the birthday celebrations .

Features of the Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals

Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals provide you with the best in store. Celebrate your birthday at the Dhow Cruise and feel like a superstar throwing the most exoticbirthday bash ever. The features of this deal include:

  • Open and air conditioned decks
  • Customized birthday decorations
  • Bookings for large gatherings
  • Excellent catering service
  • Sightseeing
  • Music system


Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals cater and serve you with the finest quality of service and hospitality. Feel grand with our service and make your birthday the most exciting. Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals have the top boats for such deals. The Dhow Cruise are fully equipped with all the necessary things. We provide you with an exceptional catering and servicing staff which welcomes you aboardwarmly. They are at your service throughout the time and you do not have to worry about anything. Get the best place to celebrate your birthday with your loved ones.

Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals

The Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals are available in numerous price ranges according to your customized ideas and designs. However, you will find our deals to be the best in different packages as compared to the others. The Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals help you make the most of your precious day. Have the most exciting boat party on your birthday, dance to music, witness the grand skylines touching the shore while gently swaying in the majesticArabian Sea.

Customized Birthday Give your personal touch to the decorations and ambiance
Decks Have an open air blasting birthday party or book an air conditioned lower deck of the Dhow Cruise
Photography 20 memorable photographs of your event
Dinner/lunch Book for any hour of the day and enjoy a scrumptious dinner/lunch
Music Of your choice

Cost of Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals (Per Person)

Plan the most incredible surprisebirthday for your loved onesjust the way they love only in 300 AED. These cheapest prices of the Dhow Cruise Birthday Party deal includean excellent catering service that welcomes your guests and tends to them in the finest way. The cost of the deal includes the food of your choice. However, prices may vary according to the customized birthday ideas. 300 AED is nothing for the exquisite birthday party that you can plan at Dhow Cruise. Sailing right through the sea waves and watching the glisteninghigh-rise buildings in the backdrop of the sun/moon, is not what you get anywhere else.

Dhow Cruise Birthday Party Deals’ Summary

Tour Type Party
Tour Duration 3 Hours
Availability of Tour Anytime of the day
Pick Time 1 hour before the Cruise
Drop Time 30 minutes after the party ends
Vehicle Type Dhow Cruise – traditional Arab boat
Dinner Included in the price


The Dhow Cruise Birthday Party is for groups and gatherings so kindlyensure advance booking. Children should be accompanied by adults and the guest children should also be looked after, adequately. People are also advised to dress according to the weather if they are booking the open deck.Precautions are advised against the use of firecrackers on the boat. Please cooperate with the catering service for such celebration plans.


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