Dubai Helicopter 90 Minute Tour is designed to make your trip complete with the chance to view Dubai from an aerial view. We offer you a ride in a luxurious and state-of-the-art helicopter that takes you over the Persian Gulf and the top of the world’s most famous skyscrapers, Burj Al Arab. By riding in the lavish helicopter you can witness the most exclusive sight of the Palm Islands in Dubai. Fly in the most fashionable style and get aboard on the helicopter from the shore. Experience the Arabian Sea like never before!


Why Dubai Helicopter 90 Minute Ride?

Enrich and enhance your list of experiences with the 90 minutes helicopter ride giving you the aerial view of the majestic city of Dubai. Enjoy the lavishness of your ride and get to experience the thrill of watching over the Gulf Coastline, the thrashing waves of the Arabian Sea hitting the shore

90 minutes Helicopter Ride    Enjoy the whole 90 minutes flying above the majestic Arabian Sea and witness the Palm Islands in the most memorable way.
Photography  Capture the essence of your thrill, excitement, and adventure by your camera and share the fond memories with the loved ones at homes.
Viewing Skyline Observe the majestic sea meeting the glorious sky at the horizon against the backdrop of the bright Dubai Sun.

Features of the Dubai Helicopter 90 Minutes Tour

The 90 Minutes Tour of Dubai in the Helicopter offers you more than just a helicopter ride. It is the adventure of a lifetime. Get to the witness the majestic sea and the skylines of Dubai from atop. The features of this exhilarating 90 minutes ride are as follows:

  • View of the Palm Islands Dubai
  • Witnessing the skyscrapers from top
  • Luxuries helicopter
  • Trained and well-informed crew
  • Photography


Our mission is to provide you with the most exclusive air ride along with the safety and security plans that are solely designed for your facilitation. The environment you get to experience while flying over the Persian Gulf is fantastic. The food provided as refreshment is scrumptious and is extremely hygienic. Enjoy the plush seats and experience the comfort of a 5-star hotel while overlooking the Palm Islands and the majestic shore of the Arabian Sea. Witness two of the most prolific resorts of the city, Atlantis the Palm and Jumeirah Beach resort from the soothing environment of your helicopter. Plan a day with your family and friends witnessing the city of Dubai from a bird’s eye view.

Dubai Helicopter 90 Minutes Tour Deal and Cost (per person)

Dubai Helicopter 90 minutes tour is the deal of your life. Get the most out of it for a reasonable price and enjoy 90 minutes filled with excitement and thrill. Board the helicopter from the magnificent Dubai beach and fly across the Gulf in the most lavish way. Get an aerial view of the Palm Islands and capture it in the camera for savoring it as the most adventurous experience of your life.

Tour Type Guided with trained flying crew
Tour Duration 90 minutes
Availability of Tour Daily all through the day
Pick Time 9:00 AM
Drop Time 1:00 PM
Vehicle Type Luxurious helicopter with state of the art technology
Refreshment Included in the deal
Helicopter Ride Fly across the huge sea and witness the city of Dubai from the calm and comfort of your lavish helicopter
Photography Photography session with the grand skylines of Dubai in the backdrop 15 Minutes
Price Per Person AED 15000


We aim to provide you with a safe and sound helicopter ride. The ride is safe for children and adults alike. However, people who have motion sickness should be careful. Also, ladies who are pregnant are advised to have prior flying approval from their doctors. Though we have all the necessary first-aid things with us while flying, but ladies expecting a child should be cautious. Elderly with motion sickness are also suggested to avoid booking this tour. The flying crew is exceptionally well-trained and informed.


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