Dubai Helicopter 60 Minutes Tour gives you the chance to explore the magnificent skylines of Dubai while cruising speedily over the Persian Gulf. Get aboard on the most state of the art Cessna that glides you above the sea waves along the Dubai shore witnessing the grand vistas, the sandy beaches and the most captivating views of Burj Al Arab. Dubai Helicopter 60 minutes tour is a cherry on top of your enthralling Dubai tour making it more unforgettable. Fly at hundred feet above the sea and feel the excitement of witnessing the commendable sigh of the Palm Islands in Dubai. Marvel at the glistening Burj Al Arab and enjoy guided 60 minutes helicopter tour of Dubai.

Why Dubai Helicopter 60 Minute Tour?

When you visit Dubai, do not miss an opportunity to witness the otherwise bustling city from hundreds of feet above the ground. View the magnificent skylines from the top and the glistening glass walls of the Burj Al Arab. Fly like a superstar over the city that is built with wonderful high-rise building and the beautiful Palm Islands

60 Minutes Ride Rush your adrenaline levels to the highest and spend the most thrilling 60 minutes of your Dubai Tour overlooking the majestic Arabian sea and the sprawling islands built around it .
Ferrari World Fly over the Ferrari world and cross it out from your crazy bucket list, as this is an experience of a lifetime.
Yas Island Experience the exhilarating chance to fly over the Yas Island and witness the sprawling island sitting on top of the beautiful Arabian Sea.

Features of the Dubai Helicopter 60 Minutes Tour

The 60 minutes tour of the city of Dubai in a helicopter offers you an adventure-packed ride that is unforgettable. Witness the city from a bird’s eye view and take memorable exclusive pictures of the splendid Burj Al Arab and the glorious vistas situated at the shore. The features of this tour are:

  • Bird’s eye view of Burj Al Arab
  • Fly by yourself under strict supervision of a trained pilot (only for experienced persons)
  • Ferrari World
  • Sightseeing Jumeirah Palm Islands
  • Panoramic view of Dubai


Fly with a well trained and informed pilot and find your 60 minutes helicopter ride of Dubai, the most thrilling yet safe tour ride of your life. We have made sure that the Cessna plane carrying you hundreds of feet above the ground and over the grand Arabian Sea is equipped with the latest state of the art navigation system and technology. We aim to provide you with a safe flight in the latest Cessna plane. The food on the 60 minutes Dubai Helicopter Tour is hygienic and fresh, personally handpicked for you by the best chefs. Enjoy witnessing the glistening glass walls of the Burj Al Arab and take pictures of the thrashing Arabian Sea hitting the sandy shores of Dubai from the comfort of your luxurious Cessna plane.

Dubai Helicopter 60 Minute Tour Deal and Cost (per person)

The deal we offer you for the most adventurous 60 minutes of your life includes all the features that are promised. This Dubai Helicopter 60 minute tour deal will make your Dubai tour the most memorable one. Take panoramic views of Dubai Skyline home by saving your memories in camera and sharing it with your loved ones.

Tour Type Guided with trained flying crew
Tour Duration 60 minutes
Availability of Tour Daily, all through the day
Pick Time 9:00 AM
Drop Time 1:00 PM
Vehicle Type Luxurious helicopter with state of the art technology
Refreshment Included in the deal
Fly Across Gulf Fly over the majestic Persian Gulf
Sightseeing View the grand vistas and the Burj Al Arab from a bird’s eye view
Photography Photography session with the grand skylines of Dubai in the backdrop 15 Minutes
Price per Person AED 12850


The Dubai Helicopter 60 minutes tour is safe for children and adults alike. Pregnant women are advised to take precautions before flying and take necessary medical advice. Children should be accompanied by adults. You are advised to take medicines for motion sickness. Only experienced adults are allowed to partially control the helicopter and that too, under the strict supervision of the pilot. People with heart problems and who get sick during flying should book this service on their own risk.


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