Dubai Yellow Boat 75 Minutes Tour takes on the most thrilling and adventurous boat ride of your life. Witness the spectacular Dubai shore along the majestic skyline while cruising through the grand Arabian Sea. The Dubai Yellow Boat 75 Minutes Tour takes you from the coast to the depths of the sea while you view the grandeur of the emblem of magnificence, the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and the charismatic Dubai Marina. Soak in the breathtaking scenery of The Palm Islands from the comfort of a spacious boat that takes you and your family or friends on the most exciting tour.Dubai Yellow Boat 75 Minutes Tour makes your Dubai trip worthwhile.

Why Dubai Yellow Boat 75 Minutes Tour?

Dubai Yellow Boat 75 Minutes Tour is the most adventurous speedboat ride that lets you witness the magnificent city of Dubai from the middle of the thrashing Arabian Sea. View the stunning skylines, the vistas, and the glorious Villas meeting the sandy shore of the Arabian Sea from your speedboat in the cruising through the sea waves.

Sunset and Sunrise Book your Yellow Boat 75 minutes tour during the most popular times, and view the startling sun rising or setting behind the huge Arabian Sea
Sightseeing Witness the grandeur and splendour of the world’s most renowned resorts in Dubai, Atlantis Hotel, the Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab
Guided Tour Listen to interesting facts and information about the sights during 75 minutes Yellow Boat Tour of Dubai

Features of the Dubai Yellow Boat 75 Minutes Tour

The DubaiYellow Boat 75 minutes tour offers the speedboat ride that makes your trip more exciting and memorable. The features of this Yellow Boat 75 Minutes Tour are:

  • High-velocity speedboat ride
  • Sightseeing
  • 75 minutes of endless adventure
  • Photography
  • Personal Guide


The environment at the DubaiYellow Boat 75 minutes tour is safe and secure which makes your ride with friends or family unforgettable. The personal guide is quite helpful and makes your trip worthwhile by telling you all there is to know about the skylines shining at the creek. The Yellow Boat ride trip is ideal for both the kids and adults to enjoy.The Yellow Boat ride is equipped with all the safety requirements such as the lifejackets and the necessary medicines for the trip. Food provided on the trip is healthy and hygienic. All in all, the Dubai Yellow Boat 75 minutes Tour provides you with a safe ride with excellent services at a reasonable price.

Dubai Yellow Boat 75 Minute Tour Deal

The DubaiYellow Boat 75 minutes tour is the sightseeing cruise that gives you the feel of viewing Dubai and its skylines from a luxurious yacht. Enjoy the view of Dubai’s grand skyline glistening in the sun as the speedboat speeds through the Arabian Sea. Enjoy your food on the ride while you take in the delightful views.

Speedboat Boat ride cruising you through the Arabian Sea
Photography Capture the scenic views in your camera
Sightseeing Witness the city from the depths of the sea and view the splendour of the skylines and villas
Refreshment Snacks, handpicked by the best chefs

Cost of Dubai Yellow Boat 75 Minute Tour (Per Person)

You can book the action packed and thrilling 75 minutes tour of the YellowBoat at the most reasonable price of 200 AED. There are also various discounts available for groups and gatherings. The Dubai Yellow Boat 75 minutes Tour is an exceptionally adventurous and unforgettableexperience of a speedboat ride. Have your family get-togethers or an enlivening trip with your friends, enjoying the sea and witnessing the splendour of the iconic Burj Al Arab, Atlantis resort and The Palm Islands. Bathe in thebeautifulDubai sun with your unforgettable boat ride experience and enjoy a delicious snack. The cost of this tour deal is inclusive of all the taxes and there are no hidden charges.

Dubai Yellow Boat 75 Minute Tour Summary

Tour Type Guided
Tour Duration  3 Hours
Availability of Tour Daily anytime
Vehicle Type Powerful speedboat equipped with latest GPS navigation system
Refreshment Snacks included in the deal


TheYellow Boat 75 minutes tour of Dubai is completely safe for families and groups. It has latest GPS navigation systems. However, children under the age of 13 years have to be accompanied by adults all the time. Life jackets and necessary medicines are on board; however, elderly, pregnantladies and people susceptible to motion sickness are recommended to avoid this ride. Also, precautions are obligatory with regards to proper dressing. Please dress according to the hot Dubaiweather,but take warm clothes for children if you are booking this tour during winters.


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