Dubai Flyboard Tour is the real-time experience of you flying over the sea like a superhero. Make your dreams of flying across the Gulf come true and have the most action-packed ride of your lifetime. It is not every day that you go to the beach and fly up above the crashing waves instead of just sailing in the sea. This water jetpack in Dubaiis the best water ride on rental. Go crazy with the adrenaline rush and experience the gushingpowerful water jetlifting you in the air. Roll, spin, and ascend higher into the air above the thrashing sea in Dubai.

Why DubaiFlyboard Tour?

With DubaiFlyboard Tour, push the limits of your pleasure and adventure when you get ready to rise, roll, and spin high in the air above the Dubai Sea. Among the various water sports deals, the Flyboarding experience willredefine thrill and exhilaration for you. It is completely controlled by throttlewhich is in the hands of a seasoned instructor.

40 minutes Flyboarding Have the most electrifying 40 minutes of your life in the air above the sea, with waves crashing beneath you and the sun shining high above you
Personal Flying Board  It is your own Flyboard on rent, so you do not have to share this experience with anyone. Go wild on your Jet Ski ride and make your Flyboardwork like a spaceship.
Powerful Strapped Jet Ski Soak in the view andexperience the thrill with completesatisfaction of your safety. Your Jet Ski straps around your elbows and fastens your knees so that you can spin and roll freely in the air.

Features of the DubaiFlyboard Tour

DubaiFlyboard Tour makes your heart beat faster for more and more fun and enthralling water rides. With the features of the DubaiFlyboard Tour that are provided, your 40 minutes will seem to pass so quick that you would want to do it for more time.

  • 40 minutes Flyboard Experience
  • Personal Flyboard Ride
  • Fully strapped water powered jet
  • Fly as high as 50 feet above the sea
  • Underwater diving with Flyboard (for experienced swimmers only)
  • Underwater diving down to 10 feet
  • Fully communicated with instructions


The environment awaiting you at the DubaiFlyboard Tour is completely safe and secure. It is ensured that you enjoy and leave the rest to us. We plan for your security, safety, and ultimate thrilling experience. We help you build memories that remain with you forever and make you want to come again and again. Our boat takes picks you the beach and takes you to point for jet skis and other water rides, away from the shore, where you can rise high above the thrashing sea waves. The Flyboard works in a way that gives you thrillsin the best possible deal. The boat is fully equipped with necessary arrangements of the ride and offers you the best of the best. The instructors controlling the throttle are experiencedand guide you throughout your ride via two-way communicationhelmet.

DubaiFlyboard Tour Deal

The DubaiFlyboardTour deal offers you the most action packed electrifying water ride that you have ever experienced. It flies you above the Persian Gulf and makes you dive in and out like a dolphin. The deal is designed for you to have maximum pleasure in the mosteconomical deal.

Adult 1 Person
Jet Ski Flyboard with water hose and jet nozzles
Photography 20 photos from different angles taken by our photographer on the boat
Diving Up to 10 meters in the sea (for experienced swimmers only)
Roll, spin, and rise Fully controlled throttle in the hands of the instructor allows you enhanced motion

Cost of DubaiFlyboard Tour (Per Person)

DubaiFlyboard Tour is a complete electrifying experience in the cheapest prices of 300 AED. The cost of the trip is upfront and there are no hidden charges or extra taxes. Your experience of Flyboarding in Dubailives up to your expectations and takes you to the electrifying water ride experience. The cost of Dubai Flyboard Tour includes experienced instructors and lifeguards on board with you.

DubaiFlyboard Tour Summary

Tour Type Guided
Tour Duration 40 minutes
Availability of Tour Morning to Dusk
Vehicle Type Flyboard with water hose and jet nozzles


It is advised that adults (16 years and above) book for the Dubai Flyboard Tour.Although, we have experienced instructorswith us on board thatcontrolsthe throttle, but it is preferable that for diving in the water while on the ride, you should be an experienced swimmer. Otherwise, diving would not be permissible


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