Motiongate Theme Park in Dubai is a heaven on earth for the children. It is one of the world’s biggest amusement parks with rides based on the theme of Hollywood’s blockbuster movies from three of the most thriving motion picture studios. Your trip to Dubai is incomplete if you miss this out of the world place that has a Ghostbusters ride, underworld 4D, hotel Transylvania, Flint’s imaginationlab, tours to Smurf’s studios, Madagascarmad pursuit, and the like. It is the finest Hollywood after the real Hollywood to have been created. The Motiongate Theme Park has a total of more than 25 rides.

Why Motiongate Theme Park?

We say why not? Motiongate Theme Park is the ideal amusement park for kids and adults alike. It has a splendid location that is reachable and is one of the biggest amusement park projects that you would visit. Operated by the Dubai Parks and Resorts, the Motiongate Theme Park opened its gates to the public in December 2016. Visiting the Motiongate Theme Park, takes you through a number of your favorite movie rides and tours, including River Expedition of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Tour to the Motiongate Theme Park makes you live every bit of your imagination. It includes:

Family rides Dining and visiting the majestic Hotel Transylvania, Penguin Air, Mr. Ping’s Noodle Fling and many others like these, are a fun package for the whole family
Kids Rides Rides offered for your kids are designed especially for them to go wild with their imagination and in their favorite movie-themed ride
Roller Coaster Rides Rollercoaster rides for kids and adults is the most boggling experience at this amusement park in Dubai.
Motion Stimulators Motion simulator rides such as Underworld 4D jolts your senses to the height of enjoyment.
Shows Shows related to your kids’favorite movies gives the feel of their imagination coming to reality.

Tour Inclusions

From the fun-filled rides to the experience of Hollywood in Dubai, the features of the Motiongate Theme Park Dubai are irresistible. They include:

  • Themed rides
  • Motion simulator rides
  • Rollercoaster’s
  • Themed Bistros
  • Visits and Appearances of famous movie characters
  • Souvenir shops


The environment at Motiongate Theme Park is ecstatic. It is ideal for the kids and the adults alike,to enjoy and have the time of their lives. Safety plans for the rides and the tours are checked and approved by Dubai Parks and Resorts. The amusement park is set according to the most enthralling theme based on motion pictures studios. The live shows make the environment of the themed park so interactive and engaging that you would not want to stop. Built up on thefavorite movie characters, the Motiongate Theme Parkwill have your children always wanting more and thanking you for the experience of their lifetime.

Motiongate Theme Park Dubai Deal

The deal we offer for the unforgettable experience that you will have at Motiongate Theme Park Dubai is very lucrative. The deal includesmostenthralling of the rides, roller coasters, and dining experiences without any extra charges.

Visits to the Themed Parks Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks, and Smurf’s Village
Themed Restaurants and Bistros The candy Apple, Dragon Flame Grill, Slimer’s Diner, and Very Smurfy Café
Shopping Shutterbug, Studio Store Ghostly Gifts, and Gifts to die for
Character Appearances Enjoy a visit from your favorite movie character

Cost of Motiongate Theme Park (Per Person)

For a price as less as 250 AED, we offer you the exciting and most thrilling experiences of the Motiongate Theme Park in Dubai.This price changed onaccount of the entrance fee is the best in comparison to other offers we guarantee you about no hidden charges or extra fee – just book and pay your trip with us to the world’s most delightful amusement park and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Motiongate Theme Park Tour Summary

Tour Type Guided
Tour Duration 5 Hours
Timings of the Park Sun-Wed 10 AM – 7 PM

Thu-Sat 10 AM – 9 PM

Parking Service Provided Do not miss even a second – leave us to park your car safely and find it easily on your way back


Managing children in the Motiongate Theme Park might be a little bit difficult because ofloadsof attractions for them. For this reason, it is advised that parents must keep an eye on their children andkeep them very close.The staff at the Motiongate Theme Park is well-trained; however, for your own safety, it is advised that parents accompany their childrento the rides. Children who are afraid of heights or monsters and ghostly creatures should be allowed on such rides only after the permission of their parents.


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