YasWaterworld Abu Dhabi provides a great experience to its visitors because of its rides and roller coasters. In addition to it, several options of fun, entertainment, dining, and shopping are also available to the tourists. The tour of YasWaterworld will provide you memories that you will remember till your whole life. It is a mega water park with lots of water slides that provide a thrilling experience to the visitors. YasWaterworld has something for everyone regardless of his age limit. A visitor can take dangerous thrilling rides or just do swimming in the YasWaterworld.

Why YasWaterworld Abu Dhabi?

YasWaterworld Abu Dhabi is one of the mega water parks of United Arab Emirates. The rides are so amazing and different from other major water parks. The park has a235-meter long water slide that is the world’s first and biggest hydromagnetic based tornado waterslide. If you are the adrenaline seeker and want to do flyboarding and bodyboardingthen you can interact with waves of three-meter height at Bubbles’ Barrel. The Bandit Bomber, which is a 550-meter coaster, provides you the onboard water and amazing laser effects.

Levels of Rides at YasWaterworld Abu Dhabi

We provided below the four thrill level of rides that you will visit during your tourofYasWaterworld Abu Dhabi.

Shaheen’s Adrenaline Rush This area consists of thrilling and adventurous rides such as Dawwama, Liwa Loop, Rush Rider, Jebel Drop, Bubbles’ Barrel, Falcon’s Falaj, and Hamlool’s Humps.
Sultan’s Young Fun If you have young kids in your family or group, then it will be a great experience to you to visit this area. It contains best rides for children such as Tot’s Playground and Yehal.
Dhabi’s Exciting Adventure If you want to experience the tube rides and artificial river with the fast flowing waves then this area is a great place for you. In addition to it, you can also compete with your friends or other racers on the faster Sebag water slide.
Hamlool’s Moving and Grooving This area has an artificial river with lazy waves and also a giant pool with gentle waves. If you are visiting with the family then the Marah Fortress will entertain you with its family play structure.


YasWaterworld provides agreat environment to its visitors. The park is not just a place of fun and adventure activities but also provide several options for dining and shopping. You can buy soveniors, photos, surf boards, flip flops, and Arabian calligraphic products. Some places of dining are also provided below that you can visit during your tour.

  • Chubby’s Kitchen
  • Al Wa’ha Cabanas
  • Dana’s Dinner
  • Salma’s Snack Shack
  • Dhabi’s Ice Cream
  • Skinny’s Frozen Treats

YasWaterworld Abu Dhabi Deal

We have customized a single deal for our customers that will facilitate them to experience 43 different rides in a single package. You also do not need to worry about your transportation as the pick and drop service is included in the package. Refreshments will be also provided to you during the tour.

Take Me Dubai Morning Dubai Desert Safari Deal

The morning Dubai desert safari deal that we have designed for you includes unique features in one single package. After booking our deal, you will get the chance to get most out of it without spending an extra penny.

Adult 1 Person
Tour of Shaheen’s Adrenaline Rush 60 Minutes
Tour of Sultan’s Young Fun 60 Minutes
Tour of Dhabi’s Exciting Adventure 60 Minutes
Tour of Hamlool’s Moving and Grooving 60 Minutes
Refreshments Arabic Dates, Juice, Coffee

Cost of YasWaterworld Abu Dhabi (Per Person)

Our main aim or objective is to provide the premium services and memorable fun experience at cheaper rates. It is the main reason that our rates are much lower than the other tour providers in UAE.  However, any person can avail our amazing deal or package by spending just AED 300. The price includes all taxes and there are no extra hidden charges. In addition to it, we will also provide you more discount if you avail our deal for your whole family or friends. The prices can be varying because of some factors such as the rise in prices from the Park’s management.

YasWaterworld Abu Dhabi Summary

Tour Duration 4 Hours
Tour Type Guided
Availability of Tour Daily from morning to afternoon
Pick Up Timings 10 AM – 3 PM
Drop Timings 3 PM – 9 PM
Total Cost Per Person AED 300
Refreshments Free


Your safety is our highest priority and we take all steps to protect our customers from any accident or injury. Our professional team is able to provide quick first aid services in the case of any emergency. You can also make your travel free from any mishap by taking some precautions. However, we suggest you to not take thrill rides if you are a heart patient. In addition to it, we also request you to act on the guidelines and instructions provided to you by our team and the park’s management.


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